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  1. Yes, TheLaughingMan makes a few good points 😎
  2. Foxtrot, This is straight forward advice, so I cannot understand why people are suggesting that Hak5 are not responding to questions🧐. Hak5 can only answer the questions posed, and it can be a trial by error as some people interpret the answers in different ways. It is a communication problem, but Hak5 do answer the questions posed and are really good at putting forward the best solutions. Hak5 also provide great videos and also a University channel, so, the 'truth is out there'. Needless to say that I am a Hak5 fan and love the gadgets, just wish there were more gadgets to play withπŸ€“ Please keep up the excellent support and good work. Cheers 😎
  3. Nice 'twangy voice' πŸ˜†
  4. Sorry ofog-p1, Not sure what you are asking. Could your rephrase the question buddy and I will see if I can assist πŸ€“ Cheers 😎


    Hi Hazy, Quite a few guys have been asking the same question. I think that it will be eBay or Amazon. Both have limited stock in terms of what you can purchase. So, field kits are available but not as bulk items, and if you take the exchange rate for the items on Hak5 shop vs UK sellers you will pay more. Hak5 ship to the UK, but, and it is a big BUT, you may have to pay extra costs for customs (not sure). Hope this helps in some way buddy. Cheers 😎
  6. re0, I agree with RkiverπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ I would add that you need to know what you want to achieve and why. There are many tutorials out there, but equally there are many members on this forum that can point you in the right direction. Try searching for topics on Hak5 forum and then pose questions (in the right threads) and see how you go. 😊 Cheers 😎
  7. Yeah, total control you sayπŸ™ƒ.........I don't think it can be done. If you use the internet to store/transfer data, or use a cloud/dongle to store data, then it is reasonable to suggest that third parties will be involved, and everyone once a piece of business/control (IMO). πŸ˜ƒ Cheers 😎
  8. Forkish, I could not agree more. He is always on the money when it comes to providing excellent advice and guidance at many different levels. Over 1,400 postsπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯, I am sure he knows what he is talking about. He certainly has enlightened me during the perusal of his posts. To be fair, there are many great guys on here and Hak5 are never short of getting back to you with specific details if and when needed. Cheers 😎
  9. Hi Ron, Great points raised and with clarity. We cannot have everything and short of creating your own product to provide yourself with the services, I am sorry to say that the status quo remains. I, for one, am a great Hak5 fan and can see the need to be linked in with the guys, as the benefits of updates and research for new products continuously going on, I think they provide an excellent service and worth every penny (IMO). Twice a week you say, breaking the wifi, my goodness that really is going some πŸ€“ Cheers 😎
  10. Hi guys, Opted for NetHunter in the end. You know what you like and like what you know....wins over the others (IMO) πŸ€“ Cheers 😎
  11. Great advice...........looking for a 'Y" cable (C to two USB) to connect to Nexus 6P and then to external 2.4GHZ Ariel and brick.......is this possible and if so, best place to buy? Cheers 😎 PS. Running NetHunter on device
  12. Very true words.......imo......😎
  13. Thank you, and your comments are great as well. It will be interesting to see how it all goes. Have a great rest of the day........oh and thanks for being gentle😊 Cheers 😎
  14. Hi, Yes have to agree that XDA is a good site for advice. OEM unlock, USB debug and bootloader, but it will depend on the device. Oreo 8.0 and 8.1 (improved camera specs etc.), is quite straightforward with Magisk (IMO)πŸ€“ Cheers 😎
  15. Hi, Tried KingRoot which I have to say was poor and in the end was NOT free. It depends on which device you want to root and just as important why do you want to root to begin with? Cheers 😎
  16. Hi, So, I take it that the rumours on the new Pine Nano being released are unfounded😊 Cheers 😎
  17. Hi Ron, Nice post😎 You raise some good points. I think that in the digital world everything and everyone using it will leave a trace. No different to this post, but, I do get your views. If no computer data existed there would still be data. When born a certificate is created and the birth recorded; when registering with doctor/GP/dentist etc., records are created and whether that is done the old fashioned way or digitally in today's world. So, I guess if you are worried about using the devices and leaving a trace, well, I think you could go off grid, but that will not delete the digital footprint that you have already left. From mobile/cell devices to wifi/internet you will always leave a forensic trail, but that can be masked/TOR/Proxy etc., then you might feel better, but you still need to go through Hack5.......as you pointed out. Hope this helps in some way😎 PS. Nothing wrong with being paranoid😈
  18. Hi, I opted for virtualbox on windows 10πŸ”₯πŸ”₯, but headed to OffSec and downloaded NetHunterπŸ€“ on root nexus 6P. All seems flawless at the moment. Cheers 😎
  19. Hi Kiril, Did you resolve the issues back in 2018 and if so how? Would you recommend the device? Cheers 😎
  20. Hi Bigbiz, Great advice and it certainly worth noting. I will bag the advice and keep it for when the Ducky appears (soon). Cheers 😎
  21. Hi Guys, Having rooted the nexus 6p (again), downloaded the latest version of NetHunter for the android device, I was wondering if anyone else is using it without problems? Cheers 😎
  22. Good morning Jtyle6, Thank you for your message πŸ˜†. It is too early, I had a late night, I haven't had the chance of a coffee yet, so please forgive me.........I forgot to sync my brain and fingers πŸ˜ƒ Cheers😎
  23. Hi Foxtrot, Great update, but my Pine Nan runs insanely hotπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯. I followed the correct setups as posted by Hak5, but it still runs hot. Should I run it off a brick instead of my computer? The issues are present whether I use the 'Y' cable or plug it straight into the USB slot on the computer (Windows 10 Pro). Any guidance appreciated πŸ™ Cheers 😎
  24. Hi Guys, All sorted and without problems. I opted for the 128GB SanDisc Pro and it works great. Doubt I will ever fill it, but best to aim hi πŸ€“ The only issues I have (and well before I inserted the micro) is that the pineapple nano runs hot, but apart from that it is great! Cheers 😎
  25. Hi Guys, After rooting and then unrooting and then rooting the nexus 6p againπŸ€“, I thought I would try the QR scan on the OS Kali NetHunter website and it worked with ease. I am going to (later today) try and install each of the apps to see if they work on root and without the need for F-Droid. I did install the Magisk Master as well. That should allow for the use of other services on the device without any clashes. I shall let you know how I progress 😊 Cheers 😎
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