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  1. It is well worth the money........although the shipping as you say is 'not so good', but there are no other options at this stage. Would love to be a HAK5 distributor.........great products and excellent staff. 😎
  2. Hey, Did you get a response? Where are you based? Yeah, I tried edutech, still no stock (in general) and even signed up and emailed them to no avail! It is a shame as I would love to stock Hak5 goods as a distributor.......πŸ‘¨πŸ½β€πŸŽ“ Cheers 😈
  3. Hi buddy, Great set of questions........who watches the watchmen springs to mind.......Personally, and without going into too much detail, I think you should use an RFID secure wallet for your cards and possibly the card sleeves option as well (known colloquially as the belt and braces system). Yes your phone app is reading your card data and no doubt used by the provider to then target you with tempting offers. It is all part of the cyber marketing exploitation targeting potential customers process. Totally legal as you do not own the cards (the provider does) and the terms and conditions that you read (yeah right, we all do that) will have buried in there somewhere that they can do this. It is obviously something that you need (the card), so I would choose to either keep the card in a safe place (at home) or ditch the app, as you can always check your balances etc., at home on your own computer via SSL etc., but these are just my views. I hope this helps in some small way😎
  4. Happy days buddy......... So, if you write Upgrading the Antenna............in the search bar or click on the image...........hope this helps you buddy😎
  5. Sorry buddy, but you are in the wrong thread...........I know as I have made that mistake before. Head to the top of your page and you will see the search box, put PINEAPPLE in there and hit return. It should show you all the threads that have that term in the conversation. You may even find the answers that you seek. You can also do that with other things that you are looking for. I hope this helps you in some way😎
  6. Thank you once again. I will let you know if I have any issues, as you are my go to guru 😎
  7. Hi Bigbiz, Not sure where to start with this post..........oh well, here goes....... I followed your 7 steps to success and I cannot beige that it actually worked!! πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯Not that I didn't believe you, it was more of whether I believed in myself.....and that is the honest truth. Upon reflection and comparing all the advice I had received from other sources, I realise where I wasted 48 hrs and was going wrong. How to get it all wrong: First of all do NOT believe that simply installing the said Kali NetHunter App Store will get you anywhere fast (by the way, as you didn't mention the store I decided not to do that on this occasion, I did on at least 5 other occasions). Secondly, flashing kernels and the like........what a waste of time that is.........get the phone rooted and crack on.......πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ Thirdly, Installing SuperSu simply crashes and when it is granted all of the permissions known to man, it tells you that your device is not rooted properly.........deleted it and decided to try Root Checker πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯ and behold it stated what I already knew........device is rooted...... And last but by no means least.........unzipping the Kali file using Magisk Manager when one should be TWRP......... So, I can only thank you Bigbiz.........for finally letting me see the light and using your wisdom to assist me........especially appreciated as I didn't have to sit for another 6 + hours of useless YOUTUBE videos claiming they have the answer, when clearly 99% do not.😈 Thanks again Bigbiz πŸ™
  8. Hi Bigbiz, Well, you come to the rescue again.......πŸ™ I shall follow the directions to the letter...........I will then report my findings.........and this could actually be 5th time lucky πŸ˜† Cheers 😊 PS. I noticed there is no mention of flashing the Kernel? This could be where it all goes wrong for me, as this is what I have been doing....so will refrain from that, and yes TWRP is good........Thanks again πŸ˜ƒ
  9. Hi James..........interesting thanks 😎
  10. Hi Dice, It would appear that your questions fell into the too difficult category........he has only posted once, so may have been looking all all forums for the answer....... Happy days😈
  11. Hi nikmel420, Thanks for your postπŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯.......it really made me laugh.......in a good way....... Yeah, well, I have loaded it onto my Nex6p 4 times and each time I get a little bit closer to being able to use it......... I have the NetH store, NetH App, got all the bells and whistles (Kernel sorted), done the rooting, busted through the 'flashing', got the correct APK, Image, and everything else you can think of, which includes recovery/reboot and the like.........the last time (yesterday) I removed it was after sorting out Chroot Manage......the packages were unavailable...............i.e. apt-get not found...........I believe that it is a great app with some excellent features, but there are issues. 1. I cannot find any decent posts nor youtube videos that actually take you through the process step-by-step (I am a visual learner)? 2. Is it worth the aggravation, I have seen so many posts with problems with updates, so, is it better than simply running Kali (SSH) on a rooted android? If you have any links to a complete 100 % working and actually see the presenter using it (even if the vid is over 60 mins) I would love to see it.😊 Thanks again for your post.......every single day is a school day in the world of tech.....and I for one love it!πŸ˜†
  12. Nice........well done for posting and pointing the temporary solution
  13. Hi Newbier, **Please read the message in the way it was intended, namely as one of respect for your views** I take it that you are not best pleased with Hak5 nor their products. That is obviously your opinion and I have respect for that. In terms of 'building proper stuff', I would say that Hak5 do indeed build 'proper stuff', as there are many people who cannot build to begin with. There are always going to be teething problems as we all know the tech world changes faster than many other sectors. In relation to your comment 'youtube videos are just recycled news', well, again it is difficult from a business perspective to keep yourself out there and noticed, and, unless there are new things to talk about then what is the point? Well, the point is that we I just mentioned. It is great to see that they have created other channels and that they cater for newbies as well as old hacks, but I do see the points you have raised as being a healthy set of personal views which you feel confident to share. Frustrating as it seems, I would still argue that Hak5 is awesome in many respects and their business and staff are at the forefront of the type of gadgets that 'PenTest' guys need as part of their arsenal. I will always be a Hak5 fan and appreciate all their time and effort that goes into their work (love them warts and all). Have a great day and just to confirm that I really do enjoy reading your posts.😎
  14. Thank you........it is good to know😎
  15. DV.............thanks for the update......That is good to know.........thanks 😎
  16. Right, now, let us have a brief discussion MangoNing, as I am a rather relaxed chap and the fact that I try and help people, does not give anyone the right to take advantage of my good nature (as it gives me the raging hump)! Based on the fact that I have been reliably informed that posting the item you are after would potentially land you in prison, I will not be aiding and abetting nor condoning facilitating that possible outcome. Please do not try and entice other people on this forum with your illegal requests........as they too are likely to get the hump. Have a good day😈
  17. Oh, all my days...........you live and learn..........That will be the country I will not be doing lectures inπŸ€“ Thanks for letting me know........πŸ™
  18. MangoNing, Sorry buddy to bring bad news, but all of my sources say they will not ship to China. I did try and even suggested that you would be more than happy to pay extra, but they said no. I am not sure why there are no takers, but that is how it is at the moment. I will keep trying and let you know if I hear anything 😎
  19. Hi buddy, That sounds bad, how did you set it up, and is there a way that you can start over? Let me know how you get on, as I have had no problems to dateπŸ€“


    Yep..Jtyle6 is correct......delete your own thread.........https://forums.hak5.org/profile/65192-ethi1ca4l/..................😎
  21. I can confirm.......windows 10 range........all missing😈
  22. Drain the battery........you are not kidding.......😎
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