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  1. How old is your daughter? To be honest the worst thing to do is to monitor her all the time. Simple things like AdBlocker (to protect her from harmful ads) and maybe a firewall (see PfSense) on your router could be enough. "Black Mirror Season 4: Arkangel" <-- for when you don't know what parental controls in the future might do 😅 Just make sure you talk to her about it, that she needs to be wary of the dangerous/strange stuff she can see online.
  2. Only real fast possible way to do such a task is by installing spy software (sort of RATs) onto your phone, that requires physical access though. Shouldn't worry too much. Just be wary where you keep your phone.
  3. Can't you just handle this on the software side of your PC? Just disable the interface and enable a second later. Make a macro for it using AutoIt. If you keep it within a couple of sec your PC will instantly reconnect, guess that'll work.
  4. Range differs enormously depending on the location and your environment around you. I can happily tell you that that adapter gets beacons from the end of my street (+- 150meters) but hell to the no that it'll be able to MITM or Inject at that range.
  5. I have used TL-WN822N N300 (v3 or v4) very often. Don't have it with me atm so can't exactly tell if I use the RTL8192CU or the RTL8192EU hw but I know it works without problems. Don't know about the other ones you've listed, but from my experience it doesn't really make a big amount of difference. (Except for the ones with directional antenna's ofc. haven't used any of those yet)
  6. Simple way to use cheatengine is just to try and guess (or know) what the value is you want to change/freeze, and then change the value in-game. After doing that for a couple of times you'll have the exact address of the variable. If you're having problems with connecting to a certain proces there could be software that's protecting it.
  7. Only do such things for your own experience with the full consent of the owner plus the full consent of the camera company. Depends on who your target is. Remote targets Random --> shodan.io Specific --> need to know their IP plus a vulnerability on their network Local targets Access their network --> Scan for the cam Deauth their cam and MITM it Like @RKiver said before, if you don't know what to tools to use then you shouldn't even try.
  8. Not sure this really has to do something with iCloud. If he was controlling the screen as well he must've started some kind of VNC server or rdesktop on your phone. And yeah there are undocumented exploits ofcourse, so it's not impossible but those attacks are very rare. Replacing your cell phone works ofcourse, but you could also factory reset it.
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