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  1. I would wait until the majority of people that have a Nano, can say that they have no problem connecting wlan2. I believe that it is a firmware/software issue that is just not being fixed. I cannot find a wifi adaptor that will work correctly (because the wifi adaptor is not the problem). Hak5 is really slow at addressing the problems and it's generally the forum members that have to do the debugging. Bob
  2. I don't mean the hardware is disappointing because it is actually pretty good. It's the software that has been a problem for the past year. Even the recent updates do nothing. My problem is simple... wlan2 ( a popular realtek wireless dongle) scans and finds my home network, but after the password is entered the field goes blank and it never connects. It is almost like it is trying to use the wrong authentication. My phone and everthing else can connect and that dongle works fine on Raspi so it comes downto software. I have noticed that the updates are soooo few and far between for a not-cheap piece of hardware. I would try another dongle but I only have Linksys dongles so forget that. I amready to launch this into the trash. Mr. Kitchen should be ashamed of pushing this device to script kiddies so hard because it needs work. The video touting the updates is worthless if you cannot use wlan2 to connect to an AP.
  3. Hi all, I have been having an issue with my Nano since day 1. I currently upgraded to the latest version of firmware (5.4 or whatever). I have a number of Realtek RTL8188CU wifi adapters that have worked flawlessly with all version of Raspberry Pi but when used as wlan2 on my Nano, I can scan and find my wifi network but when I try to connect to it, it fails and does not give me any information why it failed. It is almost like it is trying to use the wrong auth or something. I have other wifi dongles (both Linksys) that the Nano won't even recognize and I understand that. But I have tried connecting this Realtek over and over ad-nauseum and like I said it finds the networks but it just won't connect. I made sure I am using an adequate power supply (5v at 4 amps capacity) but no luck. It looks and smells and quacks like a duck bug. Thanks, Bob
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