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  1. "To effectively prevent a deauthentication attack, both client and access point must support the 802.11w standard with protected management frames (PMF).While most client devices seem to support it when the access point forces it, basically no WiFi access point has it enabled." from spacehuhn eps8266 deauther author. hope this help you
  2. If you see nothing when starting this module try to remove and re-install it into internal storage (i using Nano) instead SD, reboot your WiFi Pineapple, maybe it will works!!!
  3. I think only WPA can be cracked at this timem and maybe WPA2 in the future.
  4. Hello, I found useful info, general tips and instruction at docs.hak5.org First of all, read that documents then you can test some features on your devices (phone, laptop,etc...) by deauth, tracking, try to force them to connecting your Fake AP. Try to find out Karma, Dogma, Beacon Reponse and Auto Harvester (former name) form Hak5 guides. In my case, i usually using Dump1090 module to watching flight. I hope this will help you.
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