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  1. I will look into PMKID as you mentioned. Thanks for your input!
  2. Thanks for the reply! Updated how? Isn't the deauthentication frame part of the regular interaction between the AP and its hosts? When I Airreplay-ng on a laptop with a WiFi card, the same AP and clients are deauthenticated. I just cannot get the same to work on the Tetra.
  3. Hi forum, Just received the Tetra device this week but I have already run into issues with it. Clients do now show up after a basic recon and deauth attack on the set targets. I have followed the instructions from the Hak5 video referred to below, but still no clients available to me. I start with the recon stage and add the SSID to the PineAP Pool, then add the targeted devices MAC addresses to the PineAP from the options in the recon view. The MAC addresses can be visually seen in section Filters and these are set to Allow Listed. The SSID can also be identified under section PineAP and SSID Pool. The following PineAP options are enabled: PineAP Daemon: Enabled Autostart PineAP: Enabled Allow Associations Log PineAP Events Client Connect Notifications Client Disconnect Notifications Beacon Response Broadcast SSID Pool Other issues that I have identified with the Tetra device. No valid OUI information is presented about the available devices during the recon. Only shows "Unknown MAC prefix. This MAC was likely globally assigned by the hardware vendor. It has probably not been randomized for privacy." on all MAC addresses. Capture handshakes cannot be performed. I get a confirmation that the action is performed but no output. I have performed a factory reset twice and set up the device according to the video from Hak5, see URL below. WiFi Hacking Workflow - The NEW WiFi Pineapple 2.5 Firmware - Hak5 2514 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CcnCbxoUWps The Tetra device is running the latest available firmware (v2.5.4), and the overall setup is vanilla and no fancy modules etcetera installed yet. Anyone got a clue what´s causing this issue? Debug info required to proceed in locating the issue?
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