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  1. I did factory reset then manually upgraded firmware to 2.6.1 version. No results(
  2. Hello Problems with PineApp Daemon after 2.6.1 update again... When i'm trying to enable it, device is rebooting. Hard reset didn't help. 😞
  3. But there is one more problem, it works, but recon can't find no one client or AP, and every time I want to scan, i must first to enable PineAP Daemon, because after every scan it turns off. We bought this product, and we want to support from manufacturer. Factory reset doesn't help at all.
  4. 2019 July 24 and there is no solution for this problem. Good Job! Maybe somebody try to solve it? Or no?
  5. Hello everyone, Just bought my Wifi pineapple Nano and little bit disappointed. I can't enable PineApp Daemon. I do a hard reset and it works normally, but after time it don't enables at all. What to do? Thanks. Debug log: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TWhDbseqT67oRged0a3wDHgYco2NkcLO/view?usp=sharing For those who will tell me that I can do hard reset every time - NO, I don't want to do it. I've paid for this product price like for expensive wi-fi router from famous manufacturer and want to use it without crutches.
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