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  1. Yes I've tried rebooting it, and yes sometimes it works temporarily, but keeps happening. Seems like it may be overheating/hardware issue or bug but it's usable. Thank you for the tip though
  2. On my wifi pineapple nano, when starting a recon scan, it says pineap must be started. Then I start pineap with the button it pops up and then hit scan again. Pineap shuts down immediately and cannot run a scan. Sometimes recon does work, but most of the time it kills pineap. I've tried resetting it many times and I continue to have the same issue. I've had this issue since I got it I think a few years ago. Has been frustrating and I basically stopped using it. I noticed I was quite behind on firmware updates so I reset and updated the firmware thinking maybe it was a bug and updating would he
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