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  1. Watching the lights, I get orange (left light). When WP6 is applying the settings, the blue light (middle light) flashes and then goes steady. For a very brief moment, I get an IP, but three seconds later, only the orange light is on and then 5-10 seconds, no light. Like its rebooting.
  2. Bump. Anyone run into this issue and able to fix it?
  3. Yeah, I've read all that documentation as a link to that is provided in the card that comes with the Tetra. Much of it appears it hasn't been updated in some time just like the the sites returned from a Google search. Also, it doesn't go over the Tetra ports, etc. as requested.
  4. I have a Tetra and a laptop with two wifi interfaces. I have connected my Tetra to an ethernet connection and updated it previously. In normal use, I would like to use it without it being connected to any other device. The laptop has wlan0 and wlan1. WLAN0 is my connection to my jetpack. WLAN0 is the one I want to use to connect to the Tetra. Changing the routing table (so the default route is WLAN0), everything works as expected from the laptop. I can go to the internet and I can get to the pineapple's web page. When I run WP6, I do the following: [C]onnect using saved settings [G]uided setup (recommended) [M]anual setup [A]dvanced IP settings [Q]uit Step 1 of 3: Select Default Gateway Default gateway reported as Use the above reported default gateway? [Y/n]? Step 2 of 3: Select Internet Interface Internet interface reported as wlan0 Use the above reported Internet interface? [Y/n]? Step 3 of 3: Select WiFi Pineapple Interface Please connect the WiFi Pineapple to this computer. ................................................... ................................................... is the interface IP of my WLAN0. I press ENTER in step 2 & 3 (so it takes the default 'Y'). At Step 3, the periods just keep going so after 10 lines, I CTRL-C to quit. Should I be using something else for the gateway?
  5. Is there any documentation relate dot the Tetra that shows ports, connection configurations (like using the Y splitter), information on the USB power (so you know when to use the AC adapter), etc.? Also, are there any current decent how-tos? I found one on MITM, but all it talks about SSL is using SSLsplit.
  6. I have the Tetra. When I connect one of the antennas, the antenna connector on the case spins a little. It doesn't do this as I'm putting the antenna on. Is there some way to tighten this down? Do I have to take the case off to tighten a nut?
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