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  1. Thank you @Just_a-User, this appears to have worked! My newb status is showing as I was mislead by the 'Firmware' heading and did not scroll down to see what else is there. micro-USB ETH1 is back to functioning. Will continue on with the device configuration. Thank you again! WiFi Pineapple TETRA Firmware Search Release Date Version SHA256 Checksum 2019-04-25 2.5.4 48a6a55e37223da27c69f
  2. Thank you @Just_a-User! The micro-USB ETH1 port did function while following this procedure. I have the Tetra plugged into a wall outlet for power, have downloaded upgrade-2.5.4.bin, confirmed the SHA-256 hash and pushed it to the Tetra following the procedure. I received the notice: UPDATE IN PROGRESS Your file was successfully uploaded! Update is in progress and you should wait for automatic reset of the device. Update time depends on image size and may take up to a few minutes. You can close this page. and have waited in excess of 20-minutes for the Tetra to reboot. Thus
  3. Up until yesterday, I was able to attach the micro-USB cable to ETH1 on the Tetra and would be presented with a USB-Ethernet port on my computer. Today, this no longer happens. I have: confirmed that the cable is not the issue as when I move to the UART port, it is presented to my computer with no issue SSH'd in via WiFi and bounced ETH1 up/down several times from the command line (ifconfig eth1 up / down) performed a factory reset of the Tetra, but the problem still persists NOT performed a firmware reset as ETH1 is needed to recover from that, so my fear is that i
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