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  1. Problem solved. As I suspected, the Pineapple Nano won't connect to networks written in Japanese/Chinese characters. Once changed it connected with same password wo any problems.
  2. I think I am onto something.. I have Japanese characters in my wifi names. Maaaybe it just doesn't like to connect to these. Tried to connect to the pineapples own open network and that worked fine with the wlan2 module. Will get around to changing the name today and post any progress.
  3. That's really weird.. I have tried to connect to my phone as a hotspot, to a netgear router, to an apple router and everything in between.. Have done a reset of the router, factory firmware reset and a firmware update. The funny thing is I don't get any messages saying "incorrect password" or the likes. It just won't connect.
  4. If you are talking about not being able to connect your wlan2 card to your router through a mac I am having the same problems. It seems more or less impossible to get it to work.. For me the problem is that the Pineapple will just "load" after I have entered a password for any available AP I control and it won't connect. Just "load" and then go back to an empty password field and the connect button. No error msg or anything.. Having the same issues on a PC but at least I can get it to work through bridging it to the PC's network card. This option seems a bit harder in OSX.. Does anyone have any experience with the wlan2 having problems connecting to wifi networks? What am I doing wrong?
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