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  1. Did that. Nothing of any consequence.. Looked as though an attempt was made to run a script from an external website as that was the only line that happened in command prompt. Accessing the link yielded no results. Second line appears it was going to copy a file locally to a directory that regular users don't have access over so they would've needed either my or one of the other admin accounts credentials. Anways thank you everyone for the responses it is much appreciated.
  2. So e1337r0x0r you were spot on with it being a malduino lite, however doesn't seem to behave like the usb rubber duck that i have. No SD card, further read of the website indicates scripts are saved on the onboard 32kb chip. Do you guys think there is any way to read what's on it ? Or are we SOL.
  3. Sorry no where to attach the pic on here that I could see Thank you. I will look into this a bit more. Thank you for taking the time to respond with the video.
  4. Hello all, I work IT for a school district and one of my staff found this on the ground outside. Luckily I got to them before they had plugged it into anything. I have a test VM bench that I plugged this device into (not connected to inet) and it appears to run a script of some kind. I've never seen a usb payload quite like this one. Doesn't appear to have an SD card like the rubber duck. Do any of you know what type of usb payload this is and how I might find out what is on it ? It only appears to have a switch on it. https://ibb.co/kXrXHXB https://ibb.co/pzWF5RT
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