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  1. Appreciate all the responses! I kind of figured there was no easy way to lock them down. Might just take down the APs in that area when they're experimenting with the Pineapples. The students are High School students that will be visiting our campus. If they're anything like I was when I was a kid they'll want to explore more than the lab provided to them if given the opportunity. Thanks again!
  2. Hey everyone, The school I work for has a cybersecurity camp every summer. The department that throws the camp recently purchased some Pineapple Nanos. Our concern is more advanced students that would rather pentest our campus wireless network instead of using the environment they're supposed to be working on. I haven't really dug into the device itself yet, just been looking for any documentation on limiting what the devices are capable of, it would be great if I could blacklist an SSID on the units so that they won't allow users to spoof our campus network. Other than that my
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