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  1. It resolved the issue, yes. Thanks for the help.
  2. Thanks for the information. I am based in Germany and my Carrier is T-Mobile. I tried the following settings: APN: internet.telekom Username: t-mobile Password: tm Pin: My Personal sim pin PPPD_options: empty DNS: Fallback time: 120 WAN Fallback: (now) enabled I will try the failover settings and see if it will work then.
  3. So hi there, as there is barely any good documentation on this product I hope to find someone to help getting me started with this disease of a product. I have a lan turtle 3G with a sim card installed. I plug it into my usb port and into a ethernet cable. First thing which is odd: My arch linux does not recognize the lan turtle. There will be no additional ETH device shown. So if I boot up a kali VM and hook it up to there sometimes it will appear in that VM and sometimes which is even more odd it will appear at my arch host, although it is plugged to the VM. So, after managing to get a shell on the device it will pull a IP from DHCP server on ETH Plug it has. I now have a setup with USB-eth (the one which spans a dhcp server and network to communicate to the attacker box) which I can get a shell with and a DHCP IP address in the network I plugged into the turtle. Next thing which is odd is, that the lan turtle cannot get any connection to the internet. So I am neither able to update it nor am I able to install modules. After setting up 3G accordingly it does not in any chance boot up a wwan interface. I have no idea why or how to debug, as there is no documentation on this, too. So can please someone enlighten me and tell me how this "product" is supposed to work? And please don't tell me to read the docs, as there aren't any. This site is worth nothing: https://docs.hak5.org/hc/en-us/categories/360000979313-LAN-Turtle And yes to answer your questions first: - I have factory reset the thing - I did all the configurations as you can read in the link above - No I am not a dumbfuck, but a sophisticated pentest consultant with a overall experience of over 5 years in terms of pentesting and linux Thanks in advance and best regards, C1sc0
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