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  1. There's not enough hardware projects in here, so let's change that! Whether it's putting a Pineapple in a rugged case and setting it up on a roof, modifying/building a drone, custom PCBs/badges, robotics, 3d printing project, or even if you've just spent the weekend tidying up your server rack/network closet and you're proud of it, let's see what you're working on!
  2. Sounds heavy, and like it might get classed as a directed energy weapon! 🤣
  3. Hah, just a couple days ago a friend sent me a picture of their car repeatedly reading Highway 109 signs as 100mph speed limit signs...
  4. Hi, I'm Glytch. I'm...a lot of things. Favorite Game: Lately, Drone Racing League Favorite OS: Whatever lets me get the most work done today. Favorite Console: N/A Nationality: US Accent: Varied Sex: That one Age: Old enough to know better, young enough to do it anyway. Height: 5' 8"? Been a while Build: ...Lets go with lean, that sounds better than scrawny Favorite band: Don't have one! Favorite book: The one that helped me solve my most recent problem Favorite author: See above Favorite movie: Short Circuit (1&2) or Summer Wars or Arrival or... Favorite Director: Dunno! Favorite Actor/Actress: I'm bad at names Favorite Pinup: I have some really cool exploded views and diagrams of aircraft, does that count? Favorite Comedian: See: Favorite Actor/Actress Other hobbies: Drones, 3d printing, robots, gaming, CAD, electronics design, cars, @#$@W23ds3F[BUFFER OVERFLOW] Car: $460 (not a typo) BMW 325i....aaaand its a SULEV with fuel supply issues. F to pay respects Occupation: Uuuuuh ??
  5. This sounds interesting from a technical point of view. When I was in high school and looking to make a few bucks, I did a little bit of CSS bot work, but quickly grew out of the "Hah I'm getting all the headshots without even trying!" phase, as it grew quite boring in practice. I've grown a lot since then, and also am very much against it. However figuring out how to bypass anti-cheat and the theory of it all was very amusing and thought provoking, and often required clever hacks/work arounds. Some of the side channel attacks being worked on today are pretty wild too. Power glitching, direct ram dumps. Still quite the game of cat and mouse.
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