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  1. Hi, I'm Glytch. I'm...a lot of things. Favorite Game: Lately, Drone Racing League Favorite OS: Whatever lets me get the most work done today. Favorite Console: N/A Nationality: US Accent: Varied Sex: That one Age: Old enough to know better, young enough to do it anyway. Height: 5' 8"? Been a while Build: ...Lets go with lean, that sounds better than scrawny Favorite band: Don't have one! Favorite book: The one that helped me solve my most recent problem Favorite author: See above Favorite movie: Short Circuit (1&2) or Summer Wars or Arrival or... Favorite Director: Dunno! Favorite Actor/Actress: I'm bad at names Favorite Pinup: I have some really cool exploded views and diagrams of aircraft, does that count? Favorite Comedian: See: Favorite Actor/Actress Other hobbies: Drones, 3d printing, robots, gaming, CAD, electronics design, cars, @#$@W23ds3F[BUFFER OVERFLOW] Car: $460 (not a typo) BMW 325i....aaaand its a SULEV with fuel supply issues. F to pay respects Occupation: Uuuuuh ??
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