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  1. Hello again, Recon under Firmware 2.5.2 also finds and shows the 5 GHz SSIDs above 100 :-) Very happy ! BTW
  2. Hi, Thanks for the tips. Firmware 2.5.2 seems to have fixed the 5 GHz reporting problems, so I will try those suggestions and report back. BTW
  3. Thanks for 2.5.2 - Recon is now working (and reporting) on both bands. BTW
  4. Hi, Using Site Survey under 2.5.0, the TETRA can see most of the local SSIDs but it can't see any of the SSIDs on the 5 GHz channels that are significantly above 100. Is there any support for the higher channels (above 140), as shown in the channel scan below? Perhaps this is a limitation of the Site Survey module and not a limitation of the TETRA? Many thanks BTW
  5. Hello again, Whilst Recon doesn't return any results (perhaps this function doesn't do what I think it does), the Site Survey module runs and returns 34 APs after a quick scan, so at least we know that the TETRA is not dead on arrival :-) Any advice on Recon under 2.5.0 gratefully received. Thanks BTW
  6. Hi, So, the Tetra arrived this morning and after the first time boot and upgrade it is now running 2.5.0. A quick Recon on 2.4 GHz only (after starting PineAP) does not detect any APs. After Googling around, I found the tip to enable logging and reboot etc. but still no luck. Is Recon still supported in 2.5.0? Many thanks BTW
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