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  1. I plan to spend some time playing with Kali Linux. I do not really need having 2 wifi routers connected to do what I want to. This happened to me as soon as I tried to configure the thing. If there were issues with the firmware they should have taken it down. And the WIFI on the thing is not up so I cannot connect that way. Only thing I can think of its to make up a serial cable and Tftp to the thing. Thanks for sharing my misery.
  2. The exact same thing happened to me. I guess I have to make a cable and try to SSH into the Tetre. I had a tetra about a year ago and it died and was out of warranty. So I had some extra money and thought I would try again. Probably my best bet is to pack the thing up, mail it back for a refund.
  3. Tried to update to 2.70. Now I cannot get past install the latest Software. It is just in an endless loop. I select the file version and try to upgrade the firmware. It loads the page Upgrade File Verified Successfully then goes back the page to select the firmware file. I have tried loading an earlier version with the same results. Not sure what else to try other than to load the factory file.
  4. You could use a stripline antenna system. Basically buy one of those panel antennas on ebay remove the cover and put a piece of plexiglass over it. It would be directional and you should face it away from your body.
  5. A little but there a lot of issues with cookies and privacy. Easy for big brother to track you back just by your browsing history. If you are using a phone make sure your accounts do not automatically connect otherwise your info will leak before the VPN even connects. Usa a VPN that does not log your sessions.
  6. Last month I smoked a Dlink DSR 500 router. The Tetra has a resettle fuse, if it had a real one maybe it would have survived and I would only have to change the fuse. I am actually pretty sure I will be ok. Anyway I put red tape on all my POE 48vdc supplies. Thanks for your sympathy.
  7. Came home from being out of town two months for work. Plugged my Tetra into the power supply laying on the shelf and there was a cracking sound. After looking more carefully I noticed that I had actually plugged it into my 48V POE switch power supply. Found a 12V supply and plugged it in and smoke came out. After taking it apart noticed that the smoke was coming from the FR9888 DC-DC converter. Seems like it is not possible to get one in the USA so I am waiting an one to come to China. I have my fingers crossed and hopefully the FR9888 is the only thing I smoked. Anyway I am putting red tape on all my POE switch power supplies.
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