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  1. I did a short static test for you.There also is an upcoming video to test the noise tolerance, recording it with my phone from farther back. LINK
  2. The ducky would directly type a powershell that would have a variable[base64 string, the loader]. Then it would write it. It will be faster to type because of compression, and the loader would run it directly in memory,so no file is dropped from a unsigned executable process file, that could trigger alarms.
  3. Thanks!! So first, the binaries are NOT infected. You can decompile them to see that(i recommended grabbing dnSpy from GitHub). Or, if you want to compile it yourself, you need Visual Studio with visual C#. These are the scans. Second, i made this program so it is very easy to use. Once in the main menu, you can use command 'a' to go to the exfiltration menu, and 'b' to decode. a- exfiltration - very easy to use. It will ask you for the file path, and then it will ask you for the filename of the output .wav file. The output is the data modulated into
  4. Forgot to include virus scan for the bins: For the obfuscated assembly [0/26 CLEAN] For the non-obfuscated assembly [0/26 still FUD!]
  5. HELLO Hak5 COMMUNITY! This is my first thread. I have written a program that exfiltrates files over audio waves. Technical information: ======================= Protocol : AFSK1200 x25 packet radio Fire-And-Forget mod Baud rate: 1200bps stable(0.15 KBytes/second, 10 kilobytes/minute) Language : C# .NET 3.5 ======================= I have written this for the [Payload] segment of Hak5. As i am too poor to buy a rubber ducky[not kidding] ,it would be cool if someone would make a rubber ducky payload out of this. I am dreaming of a rubber ducky... T
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