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  1. No, someone put a little pressure on it while it was plugged in. I t came apart att the seems and the tiny red switch just went missing.
  2. Broke my second one today. At least I got one scan out of it. 😞
  3. I'm glad it isn't just me. I'll guess I'll just order another and glue that Shark shut tight so it doesn't happen again. Hopefully I won't glue the switch in the off position.
  4. I was all ready to get some loot from the institutions network where I'm at when I discovered a major problem. The night I had the SharkJack plunged into my laptop (ThinkPad T580) prepping the firmware and payload, One of the aids inadvertently put some minor pressure on the device. I immediately noticed the SharkJack was no longer sticking straight out from the side of the laptop but was now at a 10 to 15 degree angle! The aid saw the look on my face and ask me what was wrong. I pointed out the problem and they put pressure on the device snapping the two halves back together. I thought all was well until I unplugged the SharkJack from my laptop,. Apparently when the aid put pressure on it the night before the tiny red cover for the mode switch popped out! Needless to say it is most likely in the local trash dump. When you make SharkJack 2 please seal the two halves together beter.
  5. Thank you. I was considering using the Packet Squirrel to capture some packets to see if I can obtain any additional info. PS has some VPN capabilities too I think.
  6. Hi alll, I'm living in a institution but I have access to an ethernet port which is currently connected to a TV/Tablet. If I connect a PC directly into the ethernet port I can get on the internet with limitations. YouTbe works with no problems but doing a search on Google only takes me to the search results page but none of the links work. Using DuckDuckGo is slightly better but once the destination link opens, clicking links on the destination page won't work. You have to copy the link and paste it back into DuckDuckGo. The facility uses comcast buisiness for the internet connection and I know the I.P. number of that device (did a nmap scan from said tablet). By plugimg in a USB stick, with linux on it, the boot proccess of the TV/Tablet was interupted and I was presented with a prompt which I then ran uname -a and got a hit. I setup another resident using an active ethernet switch. He just uses YouTube anyway so he's okay with it. What Hak5 tool should I/can I use to get more info and freedom on the net? (without getting caught of course...)
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