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  1. Hi Just_a_User, I am scanning for about ten minutes each time. I do see my devices as Unassociated Clients, but they are definitely on the network. I am firing up each device and streaming youtube on them playing my favorite Hak5 vids when testing. I am not sure why they aren't showing up. I have also created an AP with passthrough to test the DWALL module, but I can't seem to navigate to any HTTP sites without getting an error. I think this ISP related though. On a side note, I am experimenting with an XT-20000QC2-A0 power supply for mobile use. Any recommended tutorials for this device? I see some tutorials start off nice, and then they end abruptly. Thanks!
  2. I have set up my Tetra for practice and I am using my own network to try to practice some mitm techniques. I am unable to see any clients when I do the Recon scan, I see plenty of networks, but my network doesn't have any of the clients. I am using about 5 laptops, 3 Cell Phones, a couple of Fire Sticks, and a couple of other wireless devices. I want to be able to add these clients to a filter so I can practice getting in between them and deauth-ing. Any help would be appreciated, and if you would like specific screenshots let me know. Thanks! Michael
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