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  1. it doesnt work. it reaches the designated time, maxes my volume and then nothing else 😕
  2. How do we install it? I looked at the updater and the extracted files and there is no exe. ch_fw_1.5_298\upgrade\ has no exe nor does the cherry.rootfs.tar have one? Please fix this ;-;
  3. I had successfully managed to connect to my router via ethernet cable and access the portal. I could even download modules and see the bulletin, and clients could connect and browse the internet. Then I had to move my gear and set it back up. When I did so, I had to put my WiFi to share with the ethernet for the router as I did not need to share the connection anymore previously. Now with sharing on, I cannot connect via the IP. there is also no choice to join via management WPA2 as the router was reset, however the default open AP shows. The router successfully boots up every time it is unplu
  4. Solved - had to stop wifi sharing and share it again ^^.
  5. This has successfully resolved the issue. However another issue has arisen with internet sharing (should I create another discussion for this?) that my WiFi is being shared and passed to my tetra through my eth cable using eth1 mini usb on the back of the router itself. I updated my drivers and it fixed the problem, however now it seems to not work anymore.
  6. Short but unfortunately not simple: My Tetra endlessly repeats this sequence: OFF > FLASHING BLUE > STEADY BLUE FOR BOUT 20 SECS > STEADY ORANGE WITH DIM LIT RED > OFF I have not got SHH remote access enabled on it, my management AP or the open AP do not appear, I cannot connect to the portal via the The router successfully had internet sharing and had modules installed. This error seemed to have occurred when I changed the client mode setting to use a uni network which requires a key. A new key was needed and so I believe the router is using the W
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