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  1. I used to hate digininja as well XD But now i try to avoid asking for illegal things...
  2. Does anyone know how to Lua Script? I need someone who knows how to Lua script for Roblox Studio
  3. Well sorry, i guess i didnt really understand? At first i thought it was because i was typing in different language and you may have thought i was saying illegal things... :T
  4. I'm looking for other forums, that are about hacking/modding etc... I need other forums because there is someone called "digininja" that annoys me. Every time i write something he warns me... I don't even know what for (not detailed enough.
  5. It probably doesn't work because the game has a good game guard...
  6. Can't get past Game Guard :T Need a lot of help!
  7. ok i will try to find something thanks
  8. How do i use cheat engine? I've wondering, when i want to use it on a game it throws out and exe error. I think its because the game's security is too strong. Anyone able to help me with this?
  9. Johnny do do do do do do Johnny do do do do do do Johnny do do do do do do yes papa!!! eating do do do do do do eating do do do do do do eating sugar? no no pa pa pa pa pa pa no no pa pa pa pa pa pa no papa telling lah lah lah lah lah lah telling lah lah lah lah lah lah teling lies?
  10. OK... There are some types of files that you can only see through only the cmd.exe... And some you can't see without cmd... Does that make sense?
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