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  1. I gave it like 10 minutes but no luck. so ive tried it a few more times and I finally got it to work. I only had the issue that my sd card wasn't found but after a few reboots that issue also went away! its back up and running now! thanks all for the help!
  2. ive tried it again but it just wont boot.. the light keeps flashing but I cant acces the page..
  3. so it did work, but it also cleared my sd card for some reason. It also wont connect to internet and after all that the same problem happened again.. I will try to reset it again and hope for the best
  4. Ive had my pineapple for 4 days and since yesterday it wont boot anymore. It had an issue with not doing anything so I hard reset it and now it isn't able to boot. Ive tried many resets but nothing does the trick. It just keeps flashing the light and I cant go in it using the ip. Does anyone have a suggestion on how to get it working again? it has a 16gb sd card with all the modules etc nothing on the internal storage. Please help
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