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  1. My WiFi pineapple is faulty so I filed a return The they are ignoring me. can I file a claim with my credit card company since Hak5 won’t honour the warranty for faulty items ? I got it less than a week ago.
  2. Is there a template or script for evil portal which will say Router Firmware updated and then prompt a user to enter their wifi password
  3. The Pineapple nano claims to be a LAN when plug it in via USB, if I connect the pineapple nano to a wifi network and then connect it to a vpn, using open VPN, can my laptop use the internet through it ? So you have pineapple lan>Connect to wifi> Conmect to vpn
  4. Ah, The X up the top is easy to miss.
  5. What is the shutdown command?
  6. More to the point no sd card will work on it now, I have tried 3, ive tried formatting them in advanced options and it just wont allow me to install anything to SD card as it cant see it. I think its faulty, how do I return it?
  7. The first issue I am experiencing is that when you remove the wifi pinapple from usb plug in windows laptop, it corrupts the sd card and not even formatting fixes it. the next issue is with WPS, when I scan WPS with Kali, Kali tells me that we have WPS and wifite will attack my router, However if I do the same on the stand alone WPS on the wifi pinapple nano it says there is no wps on my router which in untrue as I have WPS on my router. I have the latest firmware and modules installed
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