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  1. Thank you so much @Foxtrot @Just_a_User @SwiftHacks Hak5 support team reply me in very professional way -as usual- and they are sending me new WiFi Pineapple NANO 🙂
  2. Thank you for your reply @SwiftHacks @Just_a_User I did all the possible recovery options before writing in the forum or seek help, I can't get uboot recovery mode even by (hold the Reset button before you plug it in and hold it for ten seconds and release) the LED will be still Dim Blue and it will show that the network is disconnected. I tried it with (Windows 10, Kali 2018 and Parrot) all show the same results 😞 And still no answer or at least a reply from hak5, The only reply I got was 6 days back from the help desk saying that they can't help me and my case would be escalated !!
  3. Thank You for the reply I power it from My HP Laptop which has dedicated port for charging (5V, 2A), from my Portable power bank (Anker) and from my MacBook Pro the results are the same I Agree , Opening multiple tickets are not usual, but the 2nd ticket was to follow up on the first coz it took too long and no body reply me !!!
  4. When I received my WiFi Pineapple NANO it was not booting ! out of the box!I, the LED is Dim blue (No flashing) after a while of un-plug and re-plug it booted I used it for one day just find Now it stopped working and back to the first state (not booting up, Dim blue LED). I opened 2 official complains #63337 and #62869 using hak5 support form which apparently get ignored :( I DID NOT EXPECTED THAT AT ALL Any Advise please
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