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  1. also all three of my lights pineapple tetra are on and i cannot access the pine ap? today is just not my day?
  2. or i get "Putty fatal error: network error : connection timed out?
  3. ok so i have two win 10 vmwares up one "attckr" on "tgt" each has two vnics i plugged the turtle in the attckr and it allowed me to login in as root and change password once i clicked check for updates it had a "putty fatal error" network connection refused
  4. i am having trouble i just got another lan turtle and once i reset password "i get network error: connection refused" not sure why and suggestions??
  5. yes i have i now have it connected to my win 10 blue light is steadily blinking and i can not reach wifi home page to sign in its saying it cannot reach
  6. im having issues connecting so i put kali linux on my vmware fusion how do i reset and connect the wifi pineapple tetra. the light is blinking blue ? i have eth plugged in and both usbs plugged in but cannot connect to the
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