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  1. Hmmm, hard to tell. And you can't ssh into it? Is there really no attackmode? Well, if the methods you mentioned above don't work, you'll probably have to bin it...
  2. Oh well Responder.db is empty. I think that's the cause of the problem. Have you tried re-installing?
  3. @Flebbi Okay, let's see. SSH into the /tools/responder directory and do
  4. Example: Under my profile picture is "Active Members". Under Rkiver's profile picture is "Dedicated Members". I wanted to know what you have to do to become a dedicated member. ty mate
  5. The thing is, I noticed that it was slow do I did the payload again and used a stopwatch to check the time. So it should've already installed the drivers. What I noticed is, that on mac it takes only about 8 seconds, which is more than 4x faster and that was the first time I used it into the mac.
  6. I think it should also work for osx...I'll try it out Please post Respashes related questions in the respashes topic I made
  7. Hi How many posts do you need to be a "dedicated member". Or does it even has to do something with the number of posts?
  8. Yep, got a mistake in the payload, I'm sorry. Fixed it. Go to my github and try it again please. But the password grabber payload shouldn't be creating a lazassword folder. It is normal for the password grabber payload not to work haha. I think you got the payload.txt mixed up. Please inform me if you tried it again and tell me if it has worked or not.
  9. Good for you, bad for me. Btw I mesured those 37 seconds with a stopwatch, that's not just a guess.
  10. Tbh, I also have a feeling like my BB is getting slower. The HID attackmode is still fast, I see no difference from when it arrived to now. But boi, the ethernet attackmode. I was trying my Respashes payload which needs an RNDIS_ETHERNET attackmode. I needs 37 seconds to boot up (26 seconds of purple led), im not joking. The attack itself is <1 second but it needs 37 seconds to boot up. I mean, the attack is under 1 sec but it needs fucking 37 seconds to boot up? What is this. The HID attackmode also boots waaay faster.
  11. kuyaya

    i have a proplem

    hahaha nice question. Now you probably think you'll get some awesome hacking instructions here. From 0-100 step by step explained so even my grandma could follow it You're at the wrong place my guy....
  12. Idk. If it's not available anymore, just buy one on aliexpress or amazon
  13. You're welcome 🙂 Does it work?
  14. @Makunta@Cap_Sig Ayyyyy the repo is finally finished. You can look it up here. Happy Hunting!
  15. Hey guys I made a hash-grabber payload for all platforms. You can look it up here. If there are any questions or advices for improvement, just post them here and I'll reply. Happy Hunting!
  16. Just take your time 🙂 I made a few updates on the payload, such as: 1. Adding the command to delete all items in the quick-access folder. It's not like you just hide them, you delete them. If the BB wouldn't do that, the victim user could find out what you were doing. He could see that you used e.g. "lazassword.ps1" "lazagne.zip" "loot", and with some googling you would probably get caught. 2. Make a loot folder 3. auto-eject the bunny at the end of the payload
  17. Oh, sure: https://github.com/githubkuyaya And the link to LaZassword: https://github.com/githubkuyaya/LaZassword I already have the payload working, so there is nothing left to help, but thank you. Spoiler alert: the most simple payload you have ever seen. Currently, I'm just working on the github page. I'll send it to you as soon as I'm finished. And I'll also make a topic in BashBunny > payloads
  18. Okay, so recently I made this LaZassword payload. And recently I also recognize more and more issues about the QuickCreds payload. So I'll make the same with the QuickCreds payload as I had done with the PasswordGrabber payload. I'll write one by myself and post it on my github. As far as I understand, the goal of quickcreds is to get hashes from locked machines. So my payload is gonna grab NTLMv2 hashes and save them in a .txt file. I think I'll be finished in 1-3 days.
  19. dude wtf? You asked us once to make a custom payload for you. You didn't told us what device, you didn't told us what kind of payload it should be. You just said "I need a custom payload and I will pay for this". What do you expect?? Now he's blaming the forum for not helping him lmao There are so many tutorials on the rubber ducky and it is well documented. It is really not hard to write a hello world payload, and you don't have to have any computer knowledge. I think it is better for you to learn how to write payloads by yourself than just pay for it. But that is your choice. http://www.just-fucking-google.it/
  20. yes, it is normal that they are gone just ssh into the bunny, then do this: cd / cd tools cd responder and now you are in the responder directory (works only if you've installed it obviously) to list all the tools you've installed: cd / cd tools ls You can't just run "responder", this isn't even a command, and you are not in the right directory when you login. You have to cd to responder first (the commands I showed you above do that). When you SSH into the bunny, it is just like a normal linux terminal, you can do anything you could do in linux. That is some basic stuff you should know (I don't blame you or anything, it just makes it easier to work with the bunny 🙂)
  21. Hi I don't know if you already got a good chair, but here's a good thing I use for my chair: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00D5J7SL2?tag=aboutcom02thebalancesmb-20&linkCode=ogi&th=1&psc=1&ascsubtag=4172321|n227a3e285996407f92dbbb7730f8d77020 (I don't use exactly this one. Mine came included with the chair) It keeps your back straight. But the most important thing is, to put at your spine, not your butt. You have to kinda make a hollow-back, and your this thing helps you to keep it. You have to push your butt really like into the chair, as far as possible. Just watch an instruction video on youtube if this wasn't clear.
  22. Thank you 😄 Hmmmm....Do you know a way on how to turn off/make an exclusion on all AV's? I don't like scripts who just delete the whole AV, because that leaves many traces
  23. Hmm, you mean you want to brute force the login and then fire the payload? Or do you want to secretly plug in the bunny and wait for your friend to login and then fire the payload? Tbh, I dunno how to do that, but i'm sure that there is a way.
  24. Really? Have you managed to modify lazagne so it doesn't get spotted but still works as good as before?
  25. Great that you got the solution by yourself. Does it work when you upgrade it manually? I mean by putting the firmware in to the /root and the unplug and plug it back in. (firmware is here https://downloads.hak5.org/bunny)
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