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  1. the udisk_reformat command is only possible when you ar running 1.4 or higher. Now to update it 100% save, don't use the Bunnyupdater but just download the new firmware and drop it to the root of the storage partition of BB when in arming mode, shut down bunny safely with eject and then plug it back in to a dedicated USB charger and leave it there until done. The firmwares are available here
  2. It canceles the RNDIS_ETHERNET mode. In my payload here, as soon as the line "attackmode hid storage" comes, it becomes a hid storage device, and cancelles the RNDIS_ETHERNET attackmode. You can check that if you simply let the payload run until it's finished, and then go to "Control Panel\Network and Internet\Network and Sharing Center" -> Change Adapter Settings. In Attackmode RNDIS_ETHERNET the bunny would show up there (e.g. Ethernet 2). But it doesn't. That means that if you do another attackmode in the same payload, the original attackmode canceles. But that doesn't mean you can't run HID and ETHERNET at the same time. Just write all the attackmodes you want to combine in the same line and there you go. Example: ATTACKMODE HID STORAGE RNDIS_ETHERNET
  3. Sure it is. Try this payload LED SETUP ATTACKMODE RNDIS_ETHERNET LED R Q DELAY 3000 ATTACKMODE HID STORAGE LED B RUN WIN "notepad" LED FINISH As you can see, it goes first into rndis_ethernet and then opens notepad in hid storage. I saw in your 2 posts you made, that you don't have much experience with the Bunny. Please be sure that you watch all the BashBunny Videos Hak5 made for us, because all the things I said are in the videos even better explained
  4. If you copy the tools, plug the BB out and in, then the tools are gone. That's completely normal. Next step is to check in terminal if the tools are really gone. If you don't know how to do that: Download PuTTY and plug the BB in while it's in ATTACKMODE RNDIS_ETHERNET. Then in PuTTY select SSH and as ip-adress select, and as port select 22. Login is username "root" and password "hak5bunny". Be sure to change the password, i'm not gonna explain that. you can look that up on youtube Once you're in you want to type "cd /" then hit enter, then type "cd tools" then hit enter and then type "ls" if you see your tools you've installed, then everything is completely normal and fine. Else, I don't know what could be wrong... Be sure to copy the tools again after you made the factory reset
  5. have you checked the keyboard layout?
  6. @stacy albritton So you think they are watching you from your glasses? Like they have a cam installed insinde your glasses? I don't really understand. A bit of clarification would be nice
  7. I don't think that's something you should write in the forums. Make a ticket and send it to the official support.
  8. But the Jackalope payload doesn't need impacket, or am I wrong? Only the mmcbrutebunny payload does need it. I think I made something wrong with the setup on both payloads....
  9. That's obvious. Just make another payload which disables antivirus or better, make an exclusion. Then run the passwordgrabber payload
  10. You obviously cant run this from a locked machine. Just look at the payload....
  11. Seems like this is a Ducky specific command. You could do something with BashFu
  12. Idk about the shark jack. Newer isn't better. I mean, the bb is a ethernet adapter, keyboard, mass storage all at once. Just think about what you want to do and then choose the right one. Maybe the right one is the rubber ducky, idk what you want to do with those tools. Just think about what you want to do before buying it. (im not saying the shark jack is bad)
  13. Was there a police pattern blinking? If not, you hadn't done it right
  14. @Just_a_UserSo this was 11 months ago... It worked back then, I forgot to say thank you 😄 I just didn't knew about the Q ALTCODE command
  15. Are you sure you have the windows keyboard set to en-US? Maybe the bunny types wrong letters. If you want to test your layout just do: LED SETUP ATTACKMODE HID STORAGE LED ATTACK Q GUI r Q STRING notepad Q ENTER Q STRING Hello - World / from (the) Bunny LED FINISH If everything is written like that then i also don't know why it wouldn't work
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