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  1. Did it! My Bashbunny was clear, back as it was at the first time. I made the download of the latest firmware via bunny updater, and am stuck to the patern police... for an hour now. I do something else, waiting for it to finish.
  2. Eeyup! Tried already, also tried to update to 1.4 but same result. The last time I tried updating the BB 1.3 --> 1.5, the police patern ended after 7min with a Red solid LED for about 2secs, then reboot normaly. When I checked, "version.txt" didn't change.
  3. Powering by pluging my BB into an USB 3.0 port (also tried 2.0) on my PC (windows). When I connect with ssh, check udisk directory I get: "loot, tools, languages". When connecting as a mass storage I have: "docs, languages, loot, payloads, tools, .gitstore, bunnyupdater.exe, config.txt, README.md, version.txt, win7-win8-cdc-acm.inf" I'm running bunnyupdater from the root of the USB in arming mode.
  4. EDIT: I have'nt managed to reproduce this "solid Red LED" situation but the problem is that I still can't update the firmware to 1.5. I can access the linux box with ssh, and use some payloads but I'm still stuck in 1.3. When I try to update I get infinite "police patern" and then nothing. For now my BashBunny can be used but not in its full capabilities! Thank you for your help if anyone knows how to fix it! Almost similar problem here:
  5. I am in the same situation, I left plugged my BashBunny all night long, in doubt, to notice in the morning that the "police patern" was still there. I tested some payloads, which work, but I'm still not in version 1.5.
  6. Hi, I just bought my first Bash Bunny and tried to update it to 1.5 release. I read the docs about it, downloaded the updater and started it. Everything is going well, the download ends and the key blinks in red and blue. But once that's done, it becomes solid red and nothing else happens. My current version (version.txt): 1.3_267 I'm using Windows and don't have any other OS avalible right now. Thanks in advance for your your help, can't wait to use it!
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