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  1. I think on nano is path problem. By the way, can you guys make evil portal work on nano? I reset my nano, and install it clean, but when connected my phone, no popup. The preview in EP is good. My network connection is good. And EP on my Tetra is working fine.
  2. HI, I have a problem with EP on my nano. After reset it by press reset button 10 seconds, I got clean 2.4.2 FW. Then I only installed EvilPortal modules on internal system and Create a new Basic portal. Activate that poral and start EP. No matter how I restart open SSID ap, I can only connect to open ssid without popup any windows. The network connection is good. Seems EP can not redirect my portal request. I can see redirect rule already in iptables. DNAT tcp -- tcp dpt:80 to: My Tetra is working fine.
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