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  1. For those of us (me) who are new to this stuff. What is a CPU / GPU miner? I would assume for something either for Zombifying a PC or Bitcoin mining? Beyond that, I have no clue! Thank you for dealing with my being nieve!
  2. Howdy! I also have found this to be a problem with windows defender "sanitizing" the files I download for my bash bunny (God D@M IT Windows I know it's a hacking tool! that's the POINT) (just wanted to put my 2Cents in!) Hope it goes well for you!
  3. Your problem with the Rickroll payload may possibly be that you "didn't modify it" it is set up to go off at a certain time of day (the default is 10:51 AM in the script) In the future, you may want to check the readme.md for the payloads you run? (correct me if this is not your problem!) Other helpful diagnostics are: did any LEDs flash?, Did any windows pop up and close?, and any other minute details 🙂 (I also received my bash bunny today! and it DOES have a learning curve) Best of Luck!
  4. Definitely helped with my first-time setup!
  5. I just received my bash bunny In the mail today! And to put it mildly, I am Enthused! Right away I was very interested in "alternative" ways to use the bash bunny's power. I am new to the Ethical Hacking / IT community (I'm currently enrolled in college as a Cyber sec. and Info. Assurance major) and therefore am not extremely acquainted with scripting. Now. Onto my Idea! I use KeePass on a day to day basis. It is my most trusted application. And I thought I could combine it with the power of the bash bunny! Imagine, If you will, plugging in the bash bunny, it opens KeePass Portable (probably housed in its filesystem), It auto types an insanely long and complex password, (optionally) It searches for your 2FA Key (for security since we are bypassing a password) (presumably on a separate flash drive) and enters it in. What the result would be, you plug in your 2FA drive, You plug in your bash bunny, Boom... passwords all in one place without the hassle! Optional additions: OS Detection that opens a compatible version of KeePass portable Synchronization of old KeePass files of the same name as the database Anywho! Glad to be a part of these forums! Please leave me suggestions and tips! they are greatly appreciated! Many Thanks 9ShadesLeft
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