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  1. I tried, but the first step don't work. The LED never turn on when I plug it. Even worse, If I plug it on a Windows 10, every USB ports on my computer are instantly disabled. Looks like a short-circuit maybe ?
  2. Hello, my bash bunny stopped working , with no LED at all when I plug it. I can see that the dmesg command on Linux say : [23134.085746] usb usb2-port3: over-current condition [23134.175825] usb 1-1-port3: over-current condition What I did before: It happened shortly after the 1.5 firmware upgrade. I unplugged it, then plugged in again, and manage to copy some payloads and files in it. Everything worked fine at this time, and suddenly (maybe ten minutes after the copy ? I don't really know) It stopped. Now I have this over current condition message when I try to plug it on several OS/Computers. Any Idea on this problem ? Maybe something I could try, like a Hard Reset ?
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