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  1. Hi guys, I am doing a SDR project at the university right now. I managed to create flowcharts with Pluto-blocks to transmit / receive FM Radio signals such as tuning in to local radio stations. I am trying to transmit messages which I manually enter using the bash. However when I use the TCP source block with the PLuto SDR sink my flowchart doesn't seem to work. What I mean by this is that in this particular case my Pluto SDR device does not transmit anything: Interestingly the fft-plot suggests that something is beeing transmitted however on the receiver flowchart which is completely independent from the transmitter flowchart no signal is received. You may think that my device is broken, but if I use a txt file source without the TCP source the Pluto Device seems to work just fine as I can receive the content of the txt file. The TCP source itself seems also fine since I can skip the pluto block and write directly to a TCP client / txt file. So summing up: -working: get message from TCP source and write to a txt file or TPC client works (all on the same flowchart, without Pluto SDR) -working: get message from a txt file and transmit using the Pluto SDR -not working: get message from TCP source and transmit using the Pluto SDR I am using Ubuntu 18.04 I would be glad for any kind of help :)
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