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  1. i run full scans with avast and malwarebytes and they don't read it anymore.. I don't think it hide automatically because it has been detected, why wouldn't it do so from the beginning.. right?
  2. Just checked, it won't reach it through regular chrome either.. but it did 5 seconds before I try it on the ingognito.
  3. Yes, i'm using chrome. I pasted the link in incognito and it can't reach it. Does that mean something?
  4. Hello! I tryied to watch a video off the "Tech Roady" youtube channel on one of Hak5 products, and when I pressed the video my avast antivirus showed the following message: What is going on here? If it is actually an intended virus, how is it possible to do that through youtube? When I opened it again, this time by pasting the link, the video started playing while displaying only the video, and the antivirus stopped the virus again. This is the link of the video I tryied to watch. DO NOT open without protection: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JaD-5_ubPRc XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX
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