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  1. An upvote if this could be included please I have tried using the jack on an engagement for where I knew a trusted lansweeper machine - where the jack's portscan and exfil would have been whitelisted by the SIEM
  2. A few months later on - just in case any new Shark owners like myself are looking at this thread - it's still broken ( 21 Jan 2020) Signature check passed. Collected errors: * opkg_download: Failed to download http://downloads.hak5.org/packages/shark/1907//Packages.gz, wget returned 8.
  3. xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx for the internal IP address of the box yyy-yyy-yyy-yyy for the external(internet) IP address of the box xxxxx.security.com is just a dynamic DNS address that I have registered with a provider ubuntu@ip-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx:~$ ./c2_community-linux-64 -hostname xxxxx.security.com -listenip xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx -https -sshport 2022 Just to add, that I also fell foul of this when running in an EC2 instance in AWS Don't forget that the IP is the INTERNAL ip of the box, not the Elastic IP that is associated with the EC2 instance, otherwise you get the [*] Initializing Hak5 Cloud C2 [!] Error starting SSH server
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