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  1. Have you not understand the point of the WiFi Pineapple? It's supposed to be used externally without any assistance as it is only plugged in to be used on the web interface.
  2. Have you tried to firmware reset the Pineapple? Just hold the Reset button before you plug it in and hold it for ten seconds and release. You should then be able to access it by connecting the Pineapple to your computer via the USB port and browse to If you are still confused, you can browse to the WiFi Pineapple's FAQ.
  3. Sorry for the late reply but it would be a good idea to factory reset your Wifi Pineapple. The FAQ for the Wifi Pineapple has been answered on how to factory reset it. In case you were wondering, the link would be here.
  4. Adding on to your answer, make sure you have turned on USB tethering as this is a necessary requirement before you can connect. If you can't, try plugging it into a battery pack with the USB Y cable and connect your phone to the external USB port. If all else fails, manually put in the address or (default) If none work, your WiFi Pineapple has a problem.
  5. For this kind of situation, you have to allow the USB connection from VirtualBox (Link) and then go through the Kali setup tutorial as you are trying to run Kali on a Windows 10 machine. For the networking part, you can go with an external USB WiFi card or you can choose the default (NAT) for the Kali setup. In the Kali Linux setup, Darren Kitchen uses a wireless card but using an Ethernet plug (NAT in your case) would be ok but make sure your Windows machine is connected to the internet whether you have an Ethernet plug (Physically, not in VM) or a wireless card. Hope this helps! 🙂
  6. If it doesn't work even if you input the port as 1471 and not 1741, you might have to try if you haven't changed the IP address from the Hak5 tutorial to set up the WiFi Pineapple on Windows (There is no Mac tutorial but an alternative for that is a forum post from audibleblink which would be at https://goo.gl/PpYqZ3 )
  7. What you could do is probably installing w3m which is a terminal application that can interact with a captive portal on an access point which in your question would be Starbucks. But since the WiFi Pineapple doesn't have enough space, it sadly cannot have all of the necessary files to set up the command. You could use a microSD card but I don't think there is any way to run a command using the WiFi Pineapple.
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