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  1. This is my second only question and is something weird thats why i asked. But maybe its good to read instructions on Kali Linux, thanks.
  2. Thank you Computer_Security for your responde.
  3. Hello... I run Kali on Virtual box with bridge network configuration. When i am in Kali i don't connect to my wifi but i still can perform scans against ip out of Lan but if i try to visit a site its like i am not connected to the wifi. How is possible to scan and use tools out of Lan but if i try to visit a site its not possible? Mention that in same time i am connected to wifi from Windows. I just wonder.. is it allow me to use the network for some things but dont to visit site in Kali?
  4. Ok i found it. I forgot that ova file open in different way than iso in virtual box. So... An iso maybe its possible to run in virtual box for Kali Linux. Ova maybe just make it more easier. The update and upgrate of Kali didnt made any changes in ova file as i thought but i tried the wrong way to open it with virtual box.
  5. Hello. I was trying to run iso kali linux in virtual box but it couldn't install right and my system was freezing during installation. So, i tried ova file of Kali that was fine to install and run at virtual box. Everyrhing was fine with that ova file of Kali Linux in virtual box until i tried to get Kali updated and upgrated. During this process the system was freezing so i closed the machine at virtual machine. When i tried to run again Kali it was like something changed.. no icons and it was asking me all the time to enter username and password. I deleted Kali Linux and tried to create a new project on vm but vm didnt recognize/appear that Kali Linux ova file anymore. Frist question.. is it possible to run Kali Linux iso file with VB or it must be the ova file which is for VB? Second question. After update and upgrade is it possible that it ruined my ova file and thats why vb can find it anymore and open it? Thanks.
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