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  1. Alright - so Ive been toying around with my wifi pineapple for a few days and I cannot seem to get evil portal to work. I will go over what I have accomplished and done.

    I first edited the php files so that way the portal puts the credentials into a log file, and that seems to work great by using the "live preview" option.

    However, I have had a number of issues with PineAP broadcasting my SSID's. None of the SSID's in my pool will ever broadcast. I solved this issue by factory resetting my nano. As soon as it was reset, I connected my nano to the internet and installed evilportal. No problem. I re-edited the files and evilportal worked great through the live preview. My SSID's in the pool were also being broadcast just fine, however when I connected through my iphone to one of the SSID's, the captive portal didnt show up. I connected just fine and had internet access. That is my main issue - the evil portal does not show up. When I connected to on the iphone though it takes me to the evil portal, so somethings working, but it never "ops up". I had to manually connect to So I restarted the nano, and I started having issues with it. First off, I no longer can connect to the nano to the internet without everything freezing. Does evilportal require the nano to have an internet connection? If so that may be the issue. But anyways, I cleared the SSID pool and just tried to see what would happen if I made the Open SSID in the "networking tab" unhidden. I connected via iphone to the Open SSID, and again, no captive portal pop up. I did not have internet access this time, because the nano could not connect. However, I was able to get to the evil portal page by connecting to again on the iphone. So, my question is in three parts. 1. Does evilportal require an internet connection through the nano? 2. Do I use the Open SSID or PineAP SSID pool to collect victims? and 3. How to get the captive portal to "pop up" once connected to the nano?

  2. Hello, so I am very very disappointed as I just purchased my WiFi pineapple nano brand new, but I cannot seem to get past the initial phase of setting it up. So I have the firmware downloaded and ready to go, and I plug in my nano and wait for it to boot up, connect to it via WiFi (it’s labeled Pineapple_BBD1), go to the designated setup IP address, and I hit continue. It then prompts me to hit the rest buttion quickly and hit continue. When I hit the reset button, I get disconnected from the pineapples WiFi and I cannot reconnect as it no longer shows up on my WiFi options, and since I’m not connected to any WiFi chrome gives me an error saying “no internet”. This happens when I Choose to also hold the reset button down for 3 seconds as well. The pineapples WiFi hotspot won’t ever show back up after hitting the reset button until I unplug it and plug it back in, and repeat this endless cycle of it not working. Any help? I would greatly appreciate it. Perhaps my nano is faulty.

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