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  1. Alright - so Ive been toying around with my wifi pineapple for a few days and I cannot seem to get evil portal to work. I will go over what I have accomplished and done. I first edited the php files so that way the portal puts the credentials into a log file, and that seems to work great by using the "live preview" option. However, I have had a number of issues with PineAP broadcasting my SSID's. None of the SSID's in my pool will ever broadcast. I solved this issue by factory resetting my nano. As soon as it was reset, I connected my nano to the internet and installed evilportal. No
  2. Hello, so I am very very disappointed as I just purchased my WiFi pineapple nano brand new, but I cannot seem to get past the initial phase of setting it up. So I have the firmware downloaded and ready to go, and I plug in my nano and wait for it to boot up, connect to it via WiFi (it’s labeled Pineapple_BBD1), go to the designated setup IP address, and I hit continue. It then prompts me to hit the rest buttion quickly and hit continue. When I hit the reset button, I get disconnected from the pineapples WiFi and I cannot reconnect as it no longer shows up on my WiFi options, and since I’m not
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