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  1. All the USA & Trump could think of doing, embezzling money in off shore accounts. All the Russians could think of doing giving it to there Tax Police! Russia takes the internet by SORM 😉 http://9front.org/img/beheadthosewhoinsultunix.jpg && Why they're so pissed with Kaspersky https://www.blackhat.com/docs/us-14/materials/us-14-Kamlyuk-Kamluk-Computrace-Backdoor-Revisited.pdf UEFI Tiano Core Backdoor hidden in Intel CPU's - which "intel" now release the Microcode for so it can be removed and disabled.
  2. Agreed. It is termed "dictatorship" because it retains the state apparatus as such, which implements it's forces and oppression, but differs only slightly from the popular notion of a dictatorship which Proletarians despise as the selfish, immoral, irresponsible and unconstitutional political rule of one man. (ie: Mr Panama Papers - Trump - Citibank - Tax Returns!) "Dictatorship does not necessarily mean the abolition of democracy for the class that exercises the dictatorship over other classes; but it does mean the abolition of democracy (or very material restriction, which is also a form of abolition) for the class over which, or against which, the dictatorship is exercised." - Lenin Just finished reading an in depth article published by the intercept 43 pages long highlighting all 8 Central NSA hubs (cost of which = Trillions) distributed throughout the US all of which have been designated "Secret" facilities where analog phone calls are presumably directed into a Pen Tap & Trace register. It's also hilarious listening to them pointing the finger at Russia accusing them of hacking there Democratic committee computer systems, when they have distributed Russian State interception technology and TCP/IP - The Communist Parties - Intellectual Property, into every single AT&T facility to accomplish there dystopian immoral goals in creating a system of state oppression against there own people. Perhaps now, I finally understand the words "Computer Revolution" more than I ever did. The only people who stand to loose "Millions" are Microsoft, Google, Facebook & Apple who have made it there Business "modus operandi" to sell peoples personal and private information for better advertising in the name of Profit whilst Chinese workers in factories smoke silicon fumes putting together there expensive and over-priced garbage. There is no Cloud, there is no One-Drive, there is no Duplex, Live & Aqua... There is only Dystopia & 1984. Take dysprosium, as an example, Atomic number 66, it has no substitute and not only is supply running Low, its expected to completely dry up by the year 2020. The golden age of Spying on people with Apps in Mobile phones and electric cars. Is going to end faster than a lot of people perceive and then that will be the end of that! A perfect example of what happens when "Demand" for the newest shiny must have gadgets exceeds "Supply". - The Well Dries Up! It is an irreplaceable element, from which all technology gains it's circuits, SSD's, HDD's, etc - etc... And all the USA accomplished and will go down in history for was diminishing the entire world supply through absolute greed and building a giant super spy center.
  3. This was developed for a sensitive Government agency ie:(NSA) to ensure that media content could not be altered, modified or deleted. Compliance Standards: SEC Rules 17a3-17a4 - DoD 5015.2 - Dodd-Frank - HIPAA - Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) - FINRA - CAPSTONE - NARA and OMB & White House Directives. Oh & did I mention it's OPEN SOURCE!? Spies should shove that in there CrAcK-pipe and smoke it!
  4. Addendum https://greentec-usa.com/?page_id=244 CYBERdisk™ & WORMdisk™ Solutions Ken Thompson created the Plan 9 File Server & maintained it for many, many, years. The cached WORM driver is based upon Sean Quinlans PhD. thesis & prototype.
  5. I'm not really going to comment much save to say, 18 U.S. Code § 2511 - Interception and disclosure of wire, oral, or electronic communications prohibited. But NOT illegal. (2) (a) (i) It shall not be unlawful under this chapter for an operator of a switchboard, or an officer, employee, or agent of a provider of wire or electronic communication service, whose facilities are used in the transmission of a wire or electronic communication, to intercept, disclose, or use that communication in the normal course of his employment while engaged in any activity which is a necessary incident to the rendition of his service or to the protection of the rights or property of the provider of that service, except that a provider of wire communication service to the public shall not utilize service observing or random monitoring except for mechanical or service quality control checks. (ii) Notwithstanding any other law, providers of wire or electronic communication service, their officers, employees, and agents, landlords, custodians, or other persons, are authorized to provide information, facilities, or technical assistance to persons authorized by law to intercept wire, oral, or electronic communications or to conduct electronic surveillance, as defined in section 101 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978, if such provider, its officers, employees, or agents, landlord, custodian, or other specified person, has been provided with— (A) a court order directing such assistance or a court order pursuant to section 704 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 1978 signed by the authorizing judge, or (B) a certification in writing by a person specified in section 2518(7) of this title or the Attorney General of the United States that no warrant or court order is required by law, that all statutory requirements have been met, and that the specified assistance is required. The government’s investigation of Raj Rajaratnam, Galleon’s billionaire founder and manager, has been called the largest insider trading case in history. In one form or other, that investigation lasted more than a decade and consumed, at different times, the resources of the Securities and Exchange Commission, the U.S. Attorney’s Office, and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. The government’s efforts ultimately resulted in the filing of criminal charges against Rajaratnam, a two-month trial, twelve days of jury deliberations, and a jury verdict that convicted Mr. Rajaratnam on fourteen counts of conspiracy and securities fraud. Mr. Rajaratnam was sentenced to eleven years in prison, the longest sentence ever on charges of insider trading. Rajaratnam also forfeited $53 million in ill-gotten profits, and paid a $10 million fine. In addition, the SEC obtained a $92 million fine in its separate civil enforcement action against Mr. Rajaratnam. It is difficult to recall a larger or more notorious insider trading case, considering that Mr. Rajaratnam received tips of material non-public information from highly placed insiders at such reputable companies as McKinsey & Co., Intel Corporation, and IBM. The use of wiretap communications in criminal investigations is not a novel concept; Congress specifically authorized the use of wiretaps in 1934. Government investigators, however, have traditionally not resorted to wiretaps in white collar investigations. Indeed, prosecutors have traditionally used wiretaps to investigate drug trafficking, mob-related offenses like racketeering, and other so-called “blue-collar crimes.” Eighty-six percent of the more than 2,000 federal wiretaps that were authorized between 1999 and 2009 were for crimes related to illegal drugs. Read between the line's - in order to wire-tap one must presumably first learn how... Then not disclose such information to all and sundry, but on that subject it pays to think "Computers & Telephones" for Dummies! Obviously it exist's and the reason the US is so pissed with Assange and Snowden was they plastered the how-to all over the interwebs! But presumably if nobody knew how it worked, then there would also be a significant short supply of people with the technical knowledge of how to do it in the first place.
  6. In Windows 10, Microsoft has provided a feature called "Windows Subsystem for Linux" (WSL) that allows users to run Linux applications directly on Windows. If this is your first time using Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL), you need to enable this optional Windows feature before getting Linux. Follow these simple steps to enable WSL: Navigate to Control Panel and go to "Apps and features" Select "Programs and Features" from the right panel Click the "Turn Windows features on or off" from the left menu Select the "Windows Subsystem for Linux" and save it Reboot your system You can even do the same by opening PowerShell as Administrator and running the following command and restart your computer. Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux Now search for Kali Linux on Windows Store, download it with just a single click. Once you launch the application, it automatically completes Kali installation and will open the console window.That's it! You can also check Kali Linux documentation for more information. Take notice however that if you have disabled the majority of Spyware in Windows 10 with a nobloat or DWS Lite version installation, powershell (unicorn pwnage shell) may not function as expected!
  7. Surprised nobody mentioned the obvious: http://www.catb.org/esr/faqs/hacker-howto.html
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