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  1. I've been using this app too and it is working very nicely! Thanks for the great work. One thing I've noticed is that some characters aren't getting used correctly in the file naming ... ie a ',' (comma) ends up as a '%2C' in the file name. The other thing I've noticed (and not neccesarily a problem with the app ... more with pandora I guess) is that the artist names are not always standardized ... eg 'The Mono Men', 'Mono Men', and 'Mono Men, The' have all shown up! It would be great if the was a way to standardize the names although I understand that is not an easy thing to do! Those are
  2. Any comments on this? Has anyone else seen a similar problem?
  3. I'm having problems with the program naming songs in an 'off-by-one' fashion ... it incorrectly names the currently playing song as the previous song. ie SongA plays ... SongB starts playing ... I get SongB saved as SongA.mp3 Is anyone else having this problem? Is Pandora pre-downloading the next song in the queue now so that it is one ahead of the player? :?:
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