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  1. SentinelOne Complete has an option to block usb devices based on their "Class Code" (https://www.usb.org/defined-class-codes). Can you tell me what class code the HAK5 tools use when they present themselves as "networking" devices to the host? I would like to make recommendations for blocking these types of attacks. Thanks for your assistance!
  2. Can you explain this more? Mine appears to be working like this as well but I was expecting an IP. What is happening, what are options, and how do I manually implement other options. If you can tell I need more education in an area regarding this, do you have a good resource you recommends?
  3. SOLVED This was frustrating but I finally tracked down the issue. I was able to access the device on a windows laptop confirming that both the LAN and WAN ports are good. Then I dug all through my settings, removing the ethernet device, restarting the network service, etc. Nothing worked. Finally I was looking back through all the Ethernet Network tabs in the GUI and found that the last tab, "hadware", was set to manual mode. I changed it to Automatic and everything started working. Whew!
  4. I just received a Packet Squirrel but I can't get it to connect. Here is what I have tried: I'm using a Macbook Pro. I have the switch set to arming mode (furtherest away from the micro USB) I have the micro USB connected to a USB3 port and the light on the squirrel went Green, blinking and then Blue blinking. I have a Ethernet cable hooked up to the port next to the micro USB and then to my Macbook Pro (same port I typically use and know works) I check ifconfig | grep inet and do not see either 172.16.32.x or 192.168.1.x (I did try booting into the firmware reset console also) I manually set my ethernet to, and to, (when trying the firmware reset). I had my wifi turned off and no other internet connections. I cannot ping the squirrel and nothing shows up in ifconfig. Any ideas of what to do next? I'm beginning to question if the WAN port is bad on the Squirrel. Thanks!
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