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  1. I fixed it to the board with transparent tape.
  2. You have to use a USB-to-TTL device like this one. A USB-to-RS232 converter will not work. This was my problem.
  3. Download Putty, start the app, settings serial, speed 115200 (8,N,1, no flow control) and then click OPEN (see the attachement). If everything works so far, you can see the boot process and stop it. Or you can try to navigate through the boot menu. If that works, then you can try the script.
  4. Are you sure that the communication between terminal and Signal Owl works properly? Once again: Forget the script for now. If you see the boot process in the terminal (like in this post https://forums.hak5.org/topic/49420-recovery-reset/?do=findComment&comment=324456) and you can stop it, only then is it time to continue with the script. Because then you can be sure that the connection RX and TX between terminal and Signal Owl works. RX must light/flash all the time, since you are receiving the signs of the boot process. TX must flash when you press a key on the terminal or every 5 seconds because the boot loop will start again (reset). And if you have pressed a key in the terminal and the signal comes up to the Signal Owl, then RX will also stop flashing/lighting because the boot process has been interrupted and the signal Owl is waiting for further input in the terminal.
  5. Why you can't connect the serial device before starting the script? You have to, because otherwise the command before will give an error message. You should only power the Signal Owl after you are prompted to do so. Forget the script for now. Connect PC to the serial device and connect it with the signal Owl. Switch on the Signal Owl and see if you get clear readable characters in the terminal. If you press a key in the terminal, you get into the bootloader uboot. If that works, you can continue with the script.
  6. Are you sure you performed these tasks befor? npm i serialport Adjust COMPORT and FILENAME in file node.js It seems COM port 21 does not exist. And you definitely need a TTL device, I used this one: DSD TECH SH-U09C2, You only need GND TXD RXD
  7. Not a chance. All I get is character salad over the serial port, and no access to uboot. The same thing over and over, indicating a boot loop. The settings were definitely correct (115k, 8N1), I also tried other settings (9.6k for example) and other terminal programs. The serial cable is okay, I tested it using loop test. Finally I tried the script. It starts with the same string of characters (yes, it's always the same string), asks me to plug in the power supply, and then there was a tab jump on the screen about every 5 seconds, later only every 5 seconds a |. After 36h I aborted. The Owl now shows the same reaction as before the script, bootloop with always the same character salad.
  8. It's over. With a plectrum (for guitar or other side instruments) it opens quite well. I made a photo for the general public to get an idea of the inside of the case. Next I will build a suitable serial cable.
  9. I have the same problem after trying to install the firmware the first time. Thanks for the tip with the serial transmission. Can you explain or show me how to open the case without damaging it?
  10. It's done. Without specifying a destination under Options, the button simply does not become active.
  11. I also have my problems installing nmap. I'm on Nano-Firmware 2.4.2, made factory settings and installed nmap after setup and reinstalled dependencies. But the start button is not active (pale green). Solution as described here: 1. SSH on Nano, on the command line nmap was not found, I set up the symbolic link to /sd/usr/bin/nmap 2. link to libpcap.so adapted: nmap works on the command line, but still not on the web interface. 3. Reboot Nano - no effects 4. opkg update && opkg install nmap --dest sd results: ... Package nmap (6.47-2) installed in sd is up to date. 5. nmap on web interface uninstalled and reinstalled as described in 4: ... Installing nmap (6.47-2) to sd... Downloading https://downloads.openwrt.org/chaos_calmer/15.05/ar71xx/generic/packages/packages/nmap_6.47-2_ar71xx.ipk.Configuring nmap. grep: /usr/lib/opkg/info/nmap.control: No such file or directory cat: can't open '/usr/lib/opkg/info/nmap.list': No such file or directory Any ideas?
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