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  1. I could successfully transfer the file debian-wheezy.tar.gz to cs100 via telnet as you mentioned on Github and I could also unzip it there. But for the next commands it's giving me errors. -bash-3.00# mount -t proc debian-wheezy/proc mount: can't find debian-wheezy/proc in /etc/fstab -bash-3.00# how to resolve this??
  2. Being a novice in linux I didn't realize it. I tried to follow the instructions given dtrigo on https://github.com/dtrigo/canon-cs100 to chroot debian on this device. All I could do was make changes in the HDD for enabling telnet. After that I don't understand how to proceed further. Can you please elaborate the steps further. What is the use of files (other than readme) which are provided on this github post. What all one would be able to do after chroot'ing debian?? Thanks.
  3. Can't we boot linux on this device if we plug in an HDD with bootable linux iso image on it. I mean replace the original HDD with this linux iso containing HDD. Will it work??
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