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  1. Hi there, WiFi Security you must know: WPS, WPA 2/3 protected, EAP, and Open. The "free" WiFi network you are talking about is password protected most likely using WPA2, which is not open network, however it is not free because normally customers of the venue will receive upon ordering something such as coffee, therefore you still pay to use their service unless somebody else does not share the secret key with you. Usually the waiter will share the password and the network name after your order. Next is you can perform recon followed by re association attack to force clients connect to your network which you would of had previously crafted portal for. Before you craft a portal you need to plan what malicious activity you'd like to perform e.g identity theft, SSL stripping, sniffing traffic. Sit down and learn IEEE 802.11 standard and how wifi works, by that I mean you must know what is going on in the AIR from a wireless radio signal point of view.
  2. This was the firmware I've used before and had no problem with it. I am expecting the Hak5 engineering people to get all that fixed before adding new features, as a lot of people seem to have problems with the firmware. Lets give them a chance to see after the holidays what is going to be done regarding the issues.
  3. I do believe the issues are due to firmware related, could it be power or resources drain, who knows? Not an expert in the hardware of that particular device, but needs a serious attention and proper fix! I believe the developers at Hak5 are going to get that fixed, because it is a great tool saving time, however needs some more computational power, if this does not happen soon moving back to terminal typo and other hardware equip. Earlier firmware never gave me a failure or error in the Recon module.
  4. Hello everyone! Recently I have upgraded to the latest firmware, however they are several issues I have encountered. Tetra freezes when USB WiFi card is plugged into (TL-WN821N 300Mbps used) outcome > requires full reboot Tetra freezes when RJ45 plugged in in order to share internet connection outcome > requires full reboot Evil portal sometime does/not handle function Success instead shows "You have not been authorised" outcome > however client is successfully authorised prior checking the list Doing Recon scans sometime gives unknown error outcome > requires full reboot Any suggestion/recommendations on how to resolve that from the support team please?
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