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  1. I have exactly the same issue. run through the setup instructions, select the connection for pineapple and for internal wireless lan card that connects to the router, key in correct gateway address for router. Nothing
  2. Just getting started on pineapple nano so thanks for the tip on this.
  3. Hi Foxtrot I have a working Nano and am able to run Recon to see whats connected to which SSID and can select these and put into a filter in preparation to just focus on a few mac addresses for test purposed. I havent deauthed yet but will try soon. In the mean time I can connect through the pineapple to the internet from another test machine. All good in many respects but I think I'm getting a few things wrong as I'm now showing two SSID from the Pineapple Both of which have internet connection . One is the one I renamed to Corsham I have a password assigned to this one and another open ssid one has appeared called Pineapple-2 ED6. I also notice I received a mini wifi adapter that fits into the bottom of the Pineapple I havent connected this yet. Could you give me a swift overview of how I should configure all this. I do have the nano tactical kit and anticipate at some stage connecting pineapple to android i have battery pack in preparation for this but for the time being I'm using a Kali laptop with USB connection from the Pineapple to learn the configuration and capabilities. Many thanks for any help you can spare. Julian
  4. Ok Kali and pineapple now able to load bulletins. Had to go through advanced options and accept defaults and then unplug and restart. Hope it continues to work! I'll do updates now and explore further. All very odd! thanks for looking into issues. I'll pester you no further! julian
  5. FYI I just ran through the Kali Linux setup and am still not able to connect to load bulletins. I'm having exactly the same problem as newbie in this list f posts above. Similar if config output as per newbie. Any thoughts? Beginning to feel like I just bought a door stop! thanks fr any help. Let's fcus on the Kali install etc. Is there a diagnostic I can run against the nano?
  6. Yep reconfigured Pineapple to show (tried that before actually) and still no access to Bulletins (which I guess proves if the Internet access works or not). Could this be a faulty Pineapple?. The software loads ok..Are there any settings in the software I need to switch on? Many thanks Julian
  7. Yep I shared the internal wifi to the pineapple as I'm thinking that users see the pineapple and connect to it ( when pineapple connected to laptop via usb) and the Internet access is provided by the link from pineapple to the internal wifi therefore giving you the opportunity to read/ capture traffic running over your laptop. I'm a newbie so I may have test wrong! I do have the nano tactical so I guess in the real world I'd be using the nano with a battery pack and getting access to it via the extra wifi or via Bluetooth to capture data from the pineapple. Do you have a preferred android phone in this scenario?
  8. Ah! Sorry I didnt post to Public, Not used this site before. Here is the Public Link https://imgur.com/gallery/oOyMy87 Appreciate the help. I notice my Internal wifi is on the 192 network. That could be the problem? Pineapple on 172 Network.? Thanks for any help Julian
  9. https://m.imgur.com/account/Juliussmaximuss/images hello korang. could you try thus one for the images please. many thanks julian
  10. Hello Foxtrot Thanks for responding and offering to have a look. Much appreciated Cant find a way to insert screenshots OK Here are the images: https://juliussmaximuss.imgur.com/all Thanks for any help.
  11. Hello Foxtrot Thanks for responding and offering to have a look. Much appreciated Cant find a way to insert screenshots. Can you advise? Or maybe I can email these?
  12. ok I've now been through every post on the topic of getting a Nano to work on windows 7. Ive followed the instructions from Hak 5 video, configured sharing and set the nano ip address to My main wifi in the laptop states shared and the name its shared to. The Nano has that name. I can fire up the console and can log in. However when attempting to download bulletins the nano will not connect. As I see it it should connect via the main wifi installed in my laptop. I get the following Error: Error connecting to WIFI Pineapple.com. Please check your connection. I expect I,m doing something daft Can anyone help? Frustrating two days to get a plug and play device working. Also does anyone know if there is a comprehensive manual on the nano? Thanks julian
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