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  1. Hi There, I am new to the Metasploit or something related to security likes hacks. I have some question. 1) First question, how to offline update Metasploit, can i just update for the latest update (Nov 2018) or must be one by one ? Example: Must be updated from Jan'18 - Feb'18 - Mar'18 .. until Nov'18 2) OS Usage, mostly Metasploit use or launched from Kali Linux. How if i run from Windows 7, is there any mallfunction or can be caused the other target PC error ? 3) While i try to exploiting, there are many lines likes: - No Payloads were compatible with exploit bla bla bla - Exploit failed: A payload has not been selected. Am i need to make the payloads first ? (how ?) For the last, if someone have simple tutorial how to use Metasploit, very glad if you can share with me. Waiting for some responses from the forums. Thank you in advance. Best Regards, Ruben.
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